Mackey’s food truck does not disappoint

Hushpuppies, stars of the show

I’ve been to Mackey’s food truck a few times. When I used to be a barista at Hastings, Mrs. Mackey would come by to get coffee, and I decided to swing through one day after work. I’ve been a regular ever since. So when Bruce and I decided to do the food review together this time, we knew we wanted to go to Mackey’s because we hadn’t been in months. It still doesn’t disappoint.

Mackey’s food truck is located in the parking lot of an auto garage on East Main Street; they also have a food truck in a shopping center parking lot on West Main, but we always go to the East Main location—it’s the OG, after all.  

Normally, when I go to Mackey’s, I get catfish. It feels like a given since the name is literally Mackey’s Catfish, but that day I was feeling chicken. I ordered the chicken and chips because I wanted to avoid coleslaw. Nothing personal. I just really dislike coleslaw. The chicken and chips comes with nugget-sized chicken, hushpuppies and French fries. I also got some fried pickle chips because I consider myself a fried pickle connoisseur.

I started with hushpuppies because their hushpuppies are the best. I haven’t ever loved hushpuppies. They’ve always been dry and mealy to me. But Mackey’s hushpuppies, which are made with corn and onions, crumble nicely in your mouth without making you feel like you’re choking. The hushpuppies I usually experience are either too soft or super burnt. Mackey’s have a nice crunch without being burnt.

I moved on to the fries after that. Their fries are really just fries. They aren’t shoestring or steak fries; they’re somewhere in between super fat and super thin. They’re yummy, but they aren’t just outstanding, and they certainly aren’t the “star” of the dish—that’s the hushpuppies.

The chicken is a close second. I don’t like chicken strips because they’re too big, so I love that Mackey’s makes nuggets; they might be closer to popcorn chicken sized. The chicken is crispy and wonderful on the outside and perfectly moist on the inside. On some fried chicken, you can taste the grease, but you can’t on Mackey’s, which I adore. They also come with some dipping sauce, most of which are house made. I picked the honey mustard, and it was wonderful. Most honey mustard is either too sweet or too mustard-y. But this sauce achieved a great balance and paired perfectly with the chicken.

Normally, I love fried pickles, and maybe I just overdid it on the fried that day (did I say maybe? I meant totally), but the fried pickles just didn’t live up to my expectations. They had too much breading and weren’t crispy enough. Plus, I could taste the grease in the breading, which I do not adore.

The pickle chips were $4, and the chicken and chips, which came with the hushpuppies, fries, chicken and sauce, was $10. So overall, I paid $14 for the meal, which is slightly high, but the portions were huge. There were at least 15 chicken nuggets, four or five hushpuppies and good two handfuls of French fries.

I will definitely go back to Mackey’s, but fair warning, they do not accept credit cards—cash or check only. So hit up the ATM before you go.

Crispy catfish creates copacetic chunks of crunch

Mackey’s Catfish is, well, are, food trucks, that are located on both sides of Russellville. There is a truck on East Main Street and another on West Main Street. Being a food truck, there was very little atmosphere to the environment, besides what nature had given us that day.

The staff of Mackey’s was super nice, and had the food prepared incredibly quickly.

I ordered the Fish Platter. This comes with fried catfish, fries, a cup of coleslaw and hushpuppies. It also came with tartar sauce and ketchup.

The catfish was fried beautifully, leaving just enough crispy bits for it to be crunchy, but leaving the catfish juicy and delicious. The fries were good. They were significantly better than anything you could find at a fast food restaurant. I did not particularly care for the coleslaw. I thought that it was very runny. However, I do not generally care for coleslaw to begin with, so my review of the coleslaw may be slightly, or very, one-sided.

The thing I really want to rave about are the hush puppies. They were, without a doubt the best part of the meal. I would honestly go back just to order the hushpuppies. They were soft, moist and so delicious, that I couldn’t help but immediately devour them.

My meal came out to $12 plus tax. So about $13 total.

While everything was good, minus the coleslaw, in my opinion, the real reason to come to Mackey’s is, without a doubt, the hush puppies. I would definitely recommend everyone try Mackey’s at least one.