Long lost Kiss music, video lost for a reason



The idea was perfect: Kiss doing a concept album, like Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” or Alice Cooper’s “Welcome To My Nightmare.” The result was far from perfect.

“Music From ‘The Elder’” was the ninth studio album from the legendary rock band, and though the band had big ambitions for the album, it wasn’t meant to be. The band’s label, Polygram Records, didn’t get behind the album, and all promotional plans were killed, including the music video for the song “I.” The video was finished but never released, until now.

“Kiss My Boots,” a podcast devoted to Kiss audio and video bootlegs, recently purchased the video (though they did not disclose where they got it), and premiered it on a special episode. Although it was exciting to see a long-lost Kiss music video, I can see why it was lost.
The setting for the video is based on “The Fortress of Solitude,” from the “Superman” comic books, and it’s a perfect fit for the theme of the song and the album. Unfortunately, this is the only time the word “perfect” will be used to describe the video.

There are two main problems with this video, the first being the cringe worthy stage moves from front man Paul Stanley.

Rather than sticking with some of his signature stage moves, Stanley seems to just be jogging in place while snapping his fingers, almost similar to “The Carlton” dance from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

An even bigger problem is the audience. Kiss has never been a band for the “hip crowd,” and early fans could tell you countless stories about how the popular kids never accepted Kiss. In this video, everyone in the audience looks like they’re at a Michael Jackson show.
Nice watches and bright clothing don’t mix with the denim and leather that would usually be found in a Kiss audience. At one point, the band even sits on the shoulders of audience members, and that’s when it’s even more obvious that it’s like oil and water.

The video will probably be taken down soon, due to copyright laws and the simple fact that the band never wanted it to be seen. Some YouTube users have been uploading copies of the video, so even if the original gets removed, you might still be able to watch it. Search for “Kiss My Boots” on YouTube to find the show’s channel page.

Many people have wondered why it wasn’t included in one of the “Kissology” sets, which included concerts, music videos and promotional appearances from the band’s long career. To be honest, I don’t even understand why it wasn’t included.

Regardless of how the band feels about it, it’s still an important part of its history. “The Elder,” despite its low popularity, was one of several albums where Kiss reinvented itself. Not to mention, it was the first album to feature the late, Eric Carr, who replaced the original drummer, Peter Criss.

Personally, I’m glad the new owners decided to publish the video. Fans have wanted to see it for a long time, and had it not been for this recent purchase, it may have never been seen. If you’re a fan of Kiss, it’s worth watching. It may not be the band’s brightest moment, but Kiss is still “the hottest band in the world.”

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