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Lloyd dissappoints with only one enjoyable song

Last spring, Atlanta’s own, Lloyd, released a five song EP entitled “Tru – EP.” Critics are calling Lloyd the R&B survivor because of his 2016 hit single from the EP “Tru”. The song gave an introspective look into his life. After years of not putting out any music, the lyrics reveal that he is showing a different approach to an old dream, a dream that he will never let go of and will stay true to.

After taking the time to hear his new EP, I was a bit disappointed because the only song I actually enjoyed was “Tru,” which is the first song on the project. I thought the vibe for the rest of the EP would give me the same passionate feeling the first single. But it didn’t.
The second song “Heavenly Body,” which features rapper Rick Ross in the chorus and third verse. He’s basically singing about how he admires his girl’s poise. This track is beautiful because he doesn’t just say what he wants to do to his lover but tells her why he loves everything about her. Rick Ross’s verse puts the cherry on top.

For those of you who don’t know, Lloyd is featured on Young Money and Lil Wayne’s rap collective (made up of Drake, Nicki Minaj and Tyga) hit back in 2009: “Bed Rock.”

Lil Wayne and Lloyd teamed up for the third track called “Holding.” I love the instrumental because you can hear real instruments like guitars, drums and bass. Although this song is no “Bed Rock,” he talks about how he wants his girl to feel comfortable in his arms no matter what, which is about the same concept “Bed Rock” was on. Lil Wayne delivers an exciting verse; it’s great to see these two team up again to make another classic.

The next song “Excited” makes me want to dance as soon as the beat comes on. It gives me a 90s feel, and will probably give you the same feeling considering the beat is a sample from The S.O.S. Band’s “No One’s Gonna Love You.” I guess this song was either a throwaway or something to get loose to when you’re jamming with your friends.

Overall, I have a feeling this EP is just a little taste of Lloyd’s actual album that will be coming out real soon. Although I was a little disappointed by the fact that the rest of the project didn’t have the same aspects of “Tru” he still gave the listener a song for the ladies, something to dance to and a single that will make you love his lyrical talent, charming character and sensual delivery. I give this EP a solid 7 out of 10.