‘Light the Night’

Hannah butler/The Arka Tech "Light the Night" took place on April 11 allowing different cultures to mix and be shared with the Tech campus.

There is one night of the year that always seems to draw a crowd. It lights up campus with cultures from all around the world including China, Japan, Nepal, India, Germany, Mexico and many other countries. This event is known as Light the Night and it recently took place on April 11.

The International and Multicultural Student Services hosted this event to showcase all the different cultures represented on campus and to enrich the knowledge of students and staff on campus. Participants were given the opportunity to learn about other countries and hear from students and staff that actually originated from these countries. There was also free food from each booth showcasing traditional food eaten in each country.

Along with the food, the henna tattoos seemed to be a huge hit. This is a removable tattoo that features many different designs usually on the hand. It is mostly practiced in parts of southern and eastern Asia and parts of Africa.

People could also choose to participate in a guided tour, which provided quick facts about various countries. Music could be heard from all ends of campus and kids excitedly ran around as crowds of people flocked from booth to booth.

This is an exciting time for the people of Arkansas Tech to show off their country with pride. Lin, who is an accounting student at Tech, said, “I’m from China so it would be my privilege to represent and promote our culture.”

For many students like Lin, it is exciting to showcase something that fellow peers and staff may not have ever heard before. Lin is originally from Guangzhou, China so it is extra special for her to display the country she was born in. Students also seemed to enjoy this event and it was repeatedly said by Light the Night goers that this is one of the best events on campus.