‘Leadership Lessons from Leslie Knope’

A beloved fictional TV character inspired a Tech employee to host an On Track event  Wednesday.

Emily Bradley, coordinator of leadership and service for Campus Life, will be hosting “Leadership Lessons from Leslie Knope” in Baz Tech 203 at 4 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 24. Leslie Knope is the main character of “Parks and Recreation”, a political TV sitcom documenting the Parks and Recreation Department of a small town in Indiana.

Bradley works with the On Track program and thought of this idea while brainstorming different workshops for the Aspiring Leader track.

“As a big fan of all things Leslie Knope and “Parks and Recreation,” I thought about how much Leslie did try to exemplify a citizen leader of Pawnee,” Bradley said. “All of the characters bring so much humor and perspective to Pawnee and it has never failed to make me laugh.”

Bradley has been a fan of “Parks and Recreation” since it first appeared on Netflix in 2011. Many Tech students are fans of the show as well and like the idea of this event.

Brady Ramsey, sophomore music education major from Harrison, looks up to Leslie Knope.

“If I’m able to [attend], I would love to lead like Leslie Knope,” Ramsey said.

This workshop will take examples from Leslie’s experiences, the good and the bad, as Deputy Director and City Council candidate, and talk about her ability to plan, organize and adapt with the inevitable issues that arise.

“She’s a good leader, to a certain extent,” Cierra Gregory, sophomore cultural and geospatial studies major from Yellville, said. “She is very passionate about what she does, but sometimes that passion blinds her ability to do her job correctly.”

Bradley has taken her own lessons learned from “Parks and Recreation” and applied them to the workshop. She said Leslie has taught her about perseverance and the importance of supporting women and empowering one another.

Bradley hopes this event will be a success and would like to plan more like it.

“I would definitely host an event like this again – maybe next time I will focus on Liz Lemon from ‘30 Rock,’” said Bradley.



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