Kappa Alpha Order and Pi Kappa Alpha coming to Tech


kappa-alpha-order-greek-letters pi_kappa_alpha

The Fraternity Expansion Committee recently chose Kappa Alpha Order and Pi Kappa Alpha to colonize at Arkansas Tech University.

The Fraternity Expansion Committee was created to review potential fraternities that would consider colonizing at Arkansas Tech. There was a representative from each fraternity, a representative from one sorority and two staff members. The committee consisted of Drake Brainerd, IFC president 2014; Mike Harris, Alpha Tau Omega member; James Fiscus, Phi Lambda Chi president 2014; Chloe Cox, Delta Zeta president 2014; Thomas Strahan, graduate assistant for Greek Life; and Jennifer Duncan, coordinator of Greek Life.

The committee assessed the potential that a chapter would have on campus. This was based off of criteria such as membership experience, past colonization success and support received from alumni and the international organization.
The colonization process began with the extension of invitations to various groups. The Fraternity Expansion Committee was then required to review the applications it received. The committee chose to invite Kappa Alpha Order and Pi Kappa Alpha to campus for presentations. The Fraternity Expansion Committee took into consideration the feedback from its community and made the decision to colonize both groups.

“We did not want to limit our community through this process and constantly kept in mind what would move our Greek community forward. The committee was very happy to have two fraternities show so much interest in colonizing at Arkansas Tech that we shared a mutual interest in,” Duncan said.

Arkansas Tech has demonstrated that with more additions to the Greek Community, there would more appeal to a variety of individuals. Last year, Arkansas Tech successfully colonized Alpha Sigma Tau and Omega Psi Phi. Tech has obtained the fourth-largest Greek community.

Kappa Alpha Order currently has more than 122 chapters and 150,000 men devoted to the brotherhood. According to its website, “Our motto, ‘Dieu et Les Dames’ means ‘God and the ladies’ and reflects our commitment to the ideals of modern chivalry as a contemporary order of knights.”

Kappa Alpha Order was previously part of the Arkansas Tech Greek community but was removed due to misconduct. It will begin its re-colonization process in spring 2016.

According the PIKE website, “Pi Kappa Alpha’s members strive to be scholars, Leaders, Athletes and Gentlemen, and they seek excellence in everything they do.” Pi Kappa Alpha will begin their colonization process in spring 2015.