Jason Isbell – the new soundtrack of life


Jason Isbell has been popular since his days with alternative-country band, Drive-By Truckers. Since leaving the Truckers, Isbell has released seven solo projects.

Being a fan of Americana music, I had heard of Jason Isbell for years. Though I was aware of who he was, I never listened to him until recently. Part of the reason was because I tend to stay away from anything that’s very popular. Whether or not that’s intentional, I don’t know. But after hearing him being praised by some of my favorite artists and influences, I decided to see what it was all about.

The first song I heard was “Speed Trap Town” from his latest album, “Something More Than Free.” The song’s simply about leaving the life you know behind. Being an aspiring musician, I really relate to this song.

After getting hooked on “Speed Trap Town,” I listened to Isbell on Spotify’s shuffle mode, to get a taste of his entire catalogue. I heard songs like “Elephant,” “Something More Than Free,” and “Stockholm.”

The songwriting is straight- forward. There aren’t any complex messages that are hard for the listener to understand. And all of the songs are easy to picture. They don’t seem so distant. They feel like they were written about your life.

As if great songwriting wasn’t enough, Isbell’s also a great vocalist and guitarist. Though he started his career writing songs for other artists, it’s hard to imagine anyone else doing these songs such justice.

Jason Isbell has given me a new inspiration and a new hope that this great art form, known as Americana music, will continue to thrive. My apologies for being the last one to figure it out.

For more information, visit www.jasonisbell.com