It’s not a job, it’s a calling

The annual Tech Loyalty Fund Phonathon will launch Feb. 9, and student callers will be reaching out to friends and alumni of the university to update contact information and extend invitations for return visits to the growing Arkansas Tech campus.

The TLF Phonathon began in 2000 and recruits up to 30 Tech Talkers to contact friends and alumni of the university.

Rachel Bullock, coordinator of the TLF phonathon, stressed the importance of having Tech students make the phone calls.
“It’s always been done here at Tech by Tech students,” Bullock said. “It’s been our tradition.”

This is Bullock’s second year as TLF phonathon coordinator.

Pam Cooper, former phonathon coordinator and current coordinator of donor relations, assisted student callers throughout the phonathon.

“It’s a really good way for us to keep up with our addresses and changes,” Cooper said.

Just more than a decade ago, students were manually updating the alumni database using paper and pencil. The shift to the electronic database came several years later when Henry Wooten and Bryan Bramlett, both former graduate students of Tech, created what is now the Development Phonathon System.

“We wanted to do away with paper,” Bramlett said. “Make it faster, more efficient.”

The development phonathon system, which went under a complete system overwrite in 2013, now caters to the needs of callers by allowing them quick and easy access to the information of Tech alumni.

“The entire framework behind it is different.”

“When you look to quantify the phonathon, it’s really not just the total amount of money that we raise,” Bullock said.

“It’s the people we reach out to.”

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