Intramural sports are underway

Intramural sports on campus have been in full swing since the beginning of the 2017 fall semester. Ranked 11th in intramural sports programs in the nation, according to, the ATU Campus Recreation Center offers 10 different intramural sports to students, faculty and staff.

“More than a thousand students and staff” have taken advantage of the intramural sports programs through the Campus Recreation Center this semester, Kerry Shannon, coordinator of campus recreation said.

Intramural sports that have already happened this semester are sand volleyball, flag football, tennis, table tennis, softball and, new this year, bubble soccer, which is where competitors get into an inflatable bubble that surrounds their bodies and play soccer. The bubble allows them to make contact but not cause any bodily injuries.

Sports remaining this semester are 3-on-3 basketball, soccer and racquetball. Signups for basketball end on Oct. 30; soccer signups are from Oct. 30 to Nov. 14; and racquetball signups are from Nov. 13 to Dec. 1.

Along with intramural sports, the Campus Recreation Center offers a checkout program where students and staff can check out bicycles, kayaks, canoes, hammocks and tents; a fitness program where 274 students and staff have signed up for Zumba and 116 involved in yoga; and an outdoor recreation program where students and staff can sign up for activities such as hikes, receive passes for the climbing wall just off of campus, paintball, fishing tournaments and a recently-included eagle tour.

The eagle tour, guided by an Arkansas State Park guide, takes place at Lake Dardanelle State Park where students and staff board a pontoon boat and take a tour of active eagle’s nests. The eagle tour, which is free for students, was integrated into the program to “accommodate all students, no matter their age, disability or anything else that we may take for granted,” said Steven Walton, graduate assistant in outdoor recreation.

For more information or to sign up for intramural sports, students and staff should visit