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Indie alternative band rocks LR for charity

There’s something special about live music: the energy that crackles in the air, the togetherness of the crowd and the unadulterated joy etched into everyone’s faces. Each concert is an inimitable experience.

On Sept. 16, I watched Knox Hamilton, an indie alternative band, perform at the Riverwalk in Little Rock. I’d only been listening to this band for a few weeks before going to see their show, so little did I know that this show was particularly special.

The band is from Little Rock, and they were performing at a benefit concert to raise money for The Van, which is a local organization that helps out people experiencing homelessness—a cause that is near and dear to my heart.

The crowd was fairly small, but local vendors set up booths and other musicians (that I, unfortunately, arrived too late to see) performed as well. The atmosphere was laid back and altogether positive, despite the sweltering sun.

When the concert began, there was only a handful of people huddled around the stage, and those were the people who were already familiar with Knox Hamilton’s music. As the band played, though, the crowd expanded because people were drawn into the music. And the music was excellent.

While live performances have a certain kind of magic to them, they can also be tricky and sound nothing like the recorded versions that fans are used to hearing. Knox Hamilton didn’t have that issue. Their show displayed just as much skill as their polished album.

My one complaint would be that, unfortunately, standing in the front row means pieces of the sound get lost, as the amplification system is set up to reach the back end of an audience. That said, where I was standing, the vocals went in and out occasionally, but I still managed to catch most of it.

Aside from that single hiccup, the show was a blast. There was nothing too elaborate—the only bedazzlement on the stage were some colorful lights. Otherwise, it was just the band and their energy.

I loved that the guys had a personal connection to the town and to the cause they were playing for. After the show, they sold and signed merchandise and chatted with fans. They were all friendly and down-to-Earth, which is reflected in their music. I would, without a doubt, see one of their shows again, and I look forward to following their musical path as it progresses.

Anyone interested can find Knox Hamilton’s music on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube. As of right now, they do not have any other tour dates posted, but they released their first album this year, so I can only hope they are off making new music.