The Arka Tech

IMSSO’s Moon cake Festival



The Arkansas Tech International and Multicultural Student Services Office (IMSSO) held a Moon Cake Festival open to all students on Sunday night, marking a harvest festival celebrated in Chinese culture.

Xintong Ren, a senior computer science and math student from Nanjing, China, said, “We can see the moon in its fullest; that represents the family getting together.”

Several of the international students at Tech left their families overseas, but IMSSO makes them feel at home.

“I appreciate this chance the international office gave us,” Ren said. “We cannot be with our family, but we can get together with fellow students and unite.” Despite being thousands of miles away from her home, Ren still carries her patriotism with her, “I’m proud of my country—that we have this special festival, that we can share with everyone.”

Ren also chimed in on the state of international students at Arkansas Tech, “We want to be involved. We want Americans to get to know us, so we can get to know them.”

Brad Potts, a senior creative writing student from Charleston and member of the International Student Organization, has been attending the Moon Cake Festival at Tech for two years.

“Everyone should come and learn about a new culture,” he said. “Things like this aren’t found in the states. Our goal is to share our culture and bring it together as a whole while doing so.”

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