Hunger Banquet provides food for thought

A poverty simulation will be held Monday in the Young Ballroom and calls for attendees to role-play people in lower, middle and upper classes to illustrate the world-wide effects of food shortages and hunger.

The annual Hunger Banquet will be co-hosted by Student Activities Board (SAB) and the Anthropology Club.

“The Hunger Banquet highlights worldwide statistics of hunger and focuses on less fortunate countries and their impoverished states,” said Andrea Sims, SAB president. “We hear about food shortages and poverty on the news but never really get to see or experience it first-hand, so it was a good way to implement something new and engaging for interested Tech students.”

This year, the Anthropology Club will be directing the event, periodically reading statistics about hunger and asking attendants to read information cards, which will be given to them as they walk into the banquet.

“The overlying theme is to show that hunger is not about there not being enough food in the world; we have plenty of food in the world,” said Klay Rutherford, Anthropology Club president. “It’s about power. People in certain places are going to be more prone to hunger simply because of the decisions made by those in charge.”

Rutherford said the banquet was modeled after a simulation created by the Oxford Committee for Famine Relief (OXFAM).

OXFAM is an international confederation working with 94 countries to fight world hunger.

Joshua Lockyer, assistant professor of anthropology and faculty adviser for the Anthropology Club, said this year’s hunger banquet will institute a different script, student representatives from each social class and more interaction from the Anthropology Club.

“Last year there were people in each class chosen to be a representative of that class, and there were details given about their lives; it was just the speaker that was giving those details,” Lockyer said.

“Now we’re going to have people situated in the crowd, and they’re going to stand up and talk about what their lives are like.”

Lockyer said he is expecting around 150 students to attend the event.

The Hunger Banquet will begin at 6 p.m. Monday. For more information about the event, call SAB at 968-0235 or visit

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