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Huckabee in 2016: repeating the same mistake

The 2016 presidential election is just around the corner, and Mike Huckabee is on the fence when it comes to his candidacy.

And by “just around the corner,” we mean two years from now. With that being said, after New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s bridge scandal, Huckabee is the Republican frontrunner in 2016 in a recent Public Policy Polling survey.

Even though many Arkansans and conservatives have a soft spot for the former governor, it doesn’t mean he should run for president a second time.

To be frank, Huckabee finished close in the GOP primaries before the 2012 election because Southerners didn’t want to vote for a corporate shark with plastic hair that tied his dog to the top of his car (in a crate of course, but still) during a family road trip.

Remember how Huckabee went gung-ho with healthy eating not too long ago. He boasted about his weight loss and took soda machines out of public schools here in the Natural State as governor.

Have you seen him lately? The word “hypocrite” comes to mind, but using “hypocrite” and “politician” in the same sentence is redundant. Maybe it’s the Fox News break room diet that has him packing back on the pounds?

Obesity is an epidemic in this country and every effort should be made to stop it, but it’s hard to campaign against it when you have a few problems of your own.

To add to it, Huckabee opened mouth and inserted foot last month when discussing women’s libidos at a luncheon address to the Republican National Committee’s winter meeting.

“If the Democrats want to insult the women of America by making them believe that they are helpless without ‘Uncle Sugar’ coming in and providing for them a prescription each month for birth control because they cannot control their libido or reproductive system without the help of the government, so be it,” Huckabee said.

So women should be insulted by the fact that birth control would be covered under their health insurance plan? It’s not a matter of controlling libido. It’s a matter of controlling unplanned pregnancies for those who can’t afford birth control.

Recently on the Fox News program “Cauvto,” Huckabee attempted to clarify his comments.

“My point was, not that I believe this, but I said the Democrats act as if women are only concerned about these reproductive issues,” Huckabee said.

We’re not sure what health class Huckabee sat through during his high school days, but unplanned pregnancy is a pretty big deal in the grand scheme of things. Considering the GOP’s stance on abortion, shouldn’t he be in favor of fewer women bearing unwanted children?

It’s still more than a few ticks of the clock before the Republican primaries begin, but if this man is the frontrunner, it might be an easy victory for the Democratic challenger in a couple of years. It’s only 2014 and Huckabee is already stumbling over his words.

Does the GOP really want to put all their horses behind a man who finished in second place in the previous primaries? How did that work out with Mitt Romney?

And who the heck is “Uncle Sugar,” anyway?