Housing renovations boost for students


Planned and unplanned renovations took place in seven of Arkansas Tech’s 18 halls this summer, including the addition of wireless internet to two halls.

Last November a budget of $4.67 million was approved for spending on hall renovations over the next three years. Approved renovations include the addition of fire sprinkler systems, wireless internet and other renovations.

Both Brown and Caraway had wireless internet and new fire sprinkler systems installed.

Wilson Hall was taken offline for the year for a complete update. By 2017, all 18 housing facilities will have wireless internet.

Tech’s construction manager, Galen Rounsaville, said Wilson will receive new carpet in some areas, a sprinkler system and new storm windows. The rooms will be patched and painted, and a chiller boiler system will replace radiators.

Jones and Roush, though it was unplanned, had repairs on its chiller boiler system after it went out in July.

A new roof and chiller boiler system were added to Paine Hall.

University Commons buildings A, B, C, D and F received furniture, appliances and paint.

Nutt Hall got new paint in all of its rooms, lobbies, the office of the resident director and the conference room. Room and safety signs were also upgraded.

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