“Home” falls flat of reaching adult viewers

Nowadays, animated movies are not just for kids. Many directors have managed to find a perfect harmony of children’s content and adult’s content by combining goofy antics and social commentary that will resonate with older generations. However, some animated movies miss that mark, like Tim Johnson’s “Home.” Now, that’s not to say the film wasn’t enjoyable as a grown person, but it simply doesn’t have the depth I’ve come to expect from today’s children’s films.

“Home” introduces us to the Boov, an alien species that likes to run from their problems and reject any hint of personality. Among the Boov is Oh, an optimistic creature with a penchant for screwing things up. When the Boov invade Earth to hide from their enemies, they seclude the humans to one small corner of the planet. Only one human (and her cat) manages to avoid their sweep. When Oh accidentally gives the enemy aliens the Boov’s new location, he is condemned and named a fugitive. On the run from his people, he meets Tip, the lone human, and the two team up to help Tip find her mom and to help Oh escape the wrath of his species.

It’s really a cute film. I enjoyed the genuine friendship that develops between Oh and Tip, and I like the aspects of individuality and family. The movie is just too easy. The plot and the worldbuilding and even the characterization could have been much more clever. The unlikely duo is on a mission and they encounter many obstacles. The aliens change colors and don’t speak correctly. Tip wants to find her mom and Oh doesn’t want to be a screw up. It’s all very surface-level.

This movie does have its touching moments, though. Oh is the very definition of the underdog, and I always root for the underdog. He is pure and good-intentioned but it is constantly thrown back in his face, so it gave me a sense of triumph to see him discover what friendship really is, and for him to finally quit fleeing from his problems.

If you’re looking for a film that is brimming with creativity and depth, I would not steer you to “Home,” but it is a sweet, happy-making film that would be good to watch if you need a quick pick-me-up. It didn’t leave much of an impact on me, but it did make me smile, and sometimes that’s all we need from a movie.