Health & Wellness Center finds new home, better accesibility

Cori Poore, a RN with Health and Wellness, adds information to a student’s health record.

For years, the Health and Wellness Center has occupied the first floor of Dean Hall; recently, the center has found a new home in Doc Bryan. The center has seen continuous traffic in recent years, making it difficult to stay in Dean. Rebecca Gray, Director of Health Services, states that Doc Bryan is “much more accessible for students.”

The center’s move allows for it to give students more handson care. More space permits the center to bring in more providers and counselors to see more students.

The Health and Wellness Center has not removed any of the care that was provided in Dean. The center is only hoping to move forward with the move to Doc Bryan. Adding staff is one of the first steps the center is taking to improve. With providers being added, the center can now run tests and write prescriptions.

Right now, the center holds two nurse practitioners and two registered nurses. However, by the beginning of next year, Gray hopes that there will be another nurse practitioner added to the team in order to fit students’ needs. Nurse practitioners are different from registered nurses in that they can write prescriptions, which will help with growing and expanding the center.

Currently, Health and Wellness offers services for acute conditions, which are conditions such as strep throat, flu, sinus infection and burns. Lab services are also provided in the center. According to Gray, these services include pap smears, blood work, and pelvic exams. The center encourages those with chronic or long-term illnesses such as diabetes, asthma, or dehydration to see their primary medical care physician.

Along with minor illnesses and lab services, the center also deals with students who are struggling with depression and anxiety. In addition to mental health counseling, Health and Wellness offers nutrition counseling. Nutrition counseling is for students who are interested in personal dietary needs and what needs to be improved within their diet. Students are allowed ten sessions of personal counseling for an hour each academic year.

The Health and Wellness Center has also created a team of Student Wellness Advisors. This team hopes to recognize monthly needs, serve students and reach out to the Student Government Association. The main goal of this team is to better fit students’ needs and help figure out what the center can do to adapt to students.

Students can visit the Health and Wellness Center between the hours of 8-5:00 Monday through Friday.

Appointments can be made by going online at or contacting the Health and Wellness office at 479-968-0329.

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