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Health and Wellness, campus safety show drunk driving dangers

Arkansas Tech University’s Health and Wellness department and Public Safety co-sponsored a drunk driving event on Thursday, Oct. 19th for the third year in a row. this event illustrated the dangers of drunk driving through different activities, such as driving with drunk googles, and they also showed that drinking responsibly can be done.

“We aren’t preaching abstinence from alcohol, but instead we are trying to get more students to just drink responsibly,” Craig Witcher, a counselor for ATU Health and Wellness, said. “We want people to learn about the dangers of drinking irresponsibly, and not just stop drinking altogether.”

Alongside handing out virgin margaritas, the event had a drunk driving simulator that had students don drunk goggles and drive a golf cart through a small obstacle course.

“I thought it was going to be easy, but once I put those goggles on that course became a Dali painting,” Sarah Brooke, a communication major from Little Rock, said. “My childhood friend actually passed away in a drunk driving accident. So, for ATU to put on an event like this, it makes me happy to see people learning about the dangers even if it’s through fun activities.”

Some students think it is great that ATU is educating students on drinking responsibly, since some schools use an abstinence approach to alcohol instead of educating the students.

“My old school used a very strict no alcohol program to try to scare children away from booze,” John Garrison, a computer science major from Seattle, said. “In my observations, it seemed trying to ostracize alcohol only made students want to go after it more. The real key is to show them the truth and then let them decide what they do with it afterwards.”