Headless horseman comes to Tech library

To kick off the “2nd Monday Author Series” for the spring semester, Ross Pendergraft Library starts with one of Tech’s own, Mindy Hudson.

Hudson’s book, “The Headless Horsemen of Booger Holler and Other Dover Tales,” tells the stories of local folklore in Dover, Arkansas. Dover is a small town that has a population circulating around 1,400, and is only around 15 minutes from Russellville. Hudson’s interest in Dover started when she and her husband lived there. She became naturally curious about the place and started digging.

These stories were passed from one generation to the next. When it was time for open discussion and questions, even some of the students reminisced on the stories being told. With a small town such as Dover, it would be easy for rumors and tall tales to spread. There are ghost stories surrounding Booger Hollow, a closed attraction that once held a trading post as well as a two-story outhouse. There are accounts of ghost-like or creepy activity at this abandoned scene, which are also mentioned in Hudson’s book; most notably, the headless horsemen. Also infamous to Dover are the Dover Lights, in which a mysterious light can be seen.

Although mythology is a reigning part of Hudson’s book, there are also stories of members of the local community. These stories have either been passed down, or come from interviews with elder members of the town.

Hudson quickly realized, however, that “Our perceptions of the same event and the same person can vary so widely that it is just almost astounding. There were people who would pop up in different people’s interviews, but you would get such a different picture.” This was true when it came to a more prominent figure in the community, Harry Pointer. There were different reports of him killing someone. Yet, every person’s account of him was different; this is what Hudson calls “telling their own truth.”

Hudson encouraged the audience to talk to some of their own family members for old stories and folklore. Her book and speech reviewed not only stories, but also what it was like in past times.

Hudson is looking forward to hearing more stories and reporting them. To contact her for interviews, she can be found in Witherspoon 154. To purchase “The Headless Horsemen of Booger Holler and Other Dover Tales,” the book can be found on Amazon. For more events at the library, go to library.atu.edu or call 479-964-0569.

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