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Green and Gold helps Tech to connect, give back to Russellville

Arkansas Tech students will be given the chance to give back to the community through various volunteer opportunities on Monday, Nov 13.

ATU’s Green and Gold Give Back is a yearly event where students and partners throughout Russellville come together to volunteer at various locations to help, connect and clean the community.

Last year, more than 250 Arkansas Tech students spent their Saturday volunteering. This year, the Campus Life center is expecting an even bigger turnout.

“This event had gained a lot of traction after last year,” Anna Smith, a graphic design major from Russellville, said. “I have been a student worker for almost a year now around the Campus Life office, and already I have seen more people ask about the event compared to this time last year.”

Working with the community allows students to not only network and get to know their neighbors better, but it also allows them to help those in need. Last year, the project had over 10 partners in the community who either needed help or contributed it alongside the students.

“Last year when I did this, it was overwhelming some of the places that just didn’t have the help it needed,” Andrew Stark, an accounting major from Fayetteville, said. “We had so many community sites; homes that needed yard work, trash picked up, gutters and windows cleaned. It was a lot, but it was worth it.”

With the event falling on a Monday this year, instead of a Saturday, the Campus Life center expects more students will be willing to lend a helping hand.

“Usually I try to catch up on sleep on Saturdays, and last year this was the case,” Brianna Marks, a math major from Little Rock, said. “I feel really bad about missing last year, but I just slept through all my alarms. This year though since it is on a Monday, I think I am a lot more willing to head out and help.”