‘Green and Gold Fridays’ changes student’s mindset

Tech Green and Gold Fridays is now added to the semester calendar.

Every Friday, all students, faculty and staff can pick up free popcorn in the Student Involvement Center from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. if they wear green and gold apparel.

Jenney Butler, assistant director of campus life said, “This summer, our new Vice President of Student Service, Dr. Keegan Nicholas, joined the Tech family and was taken back by the lack of green and gold represented by people on campus so she decided to change that.”

Being in the state of Arkansas, the most competition is University of Arkansas apparel. Everday on campus, students represent the Arkansas Razorbacks.

“I think it is a challenge that is always going to be a challenge at any institution you go to in the state, other than the University of Arkansas,” Butler said. “I think a lot of it is that students do not even recognize. It’s not like students plan to wear Razorback shirts—it’s just a force of habit.”

The idea behind Tech Green and Gold Fridays is to change the mindset of the students. Many departments on campus give away free shirts every month to make sure students have Tech apparel for any day of the week.

“The goal is that we get more green and gold on campus,” said Butler. “Ultimately, we want to get students to support their school colors, being proud to represent Tech and show pride for the university they attend,” Butler said.

Tech Green and Gold Fridays started on Oct. 20 and has had low attendance so far. Daniel Rivera, a geology major and Student Services student worker from Venezuela, said, “With more advertisement, I know it will become a weekly thing that students remember, and there will be more campus involvement.”

The Student Involvement Center is located in Doc Bryan, across from Doc’s Place. Be sure to wear green and gold this Friday and swing by the SIC to get free popcorn.

“We hope this becomes a staple or tradition for Tech and with new ideas to come maybe expanding it into something more than just popcorn,” Butler said.