Graham finds home with SAB

img_1550Suede Graham is a popular face on campus. Graham, a junior music major from Clarksville, is constantly hopping from one meeting to another. On top of being in two choirs, he is the vice president of Alpha Tau Omega, member of the Presidential Leadership Cabinet, executive board member of GOLD Cabinet and involved in the LEAD Academy and the Student Activities Board (SAB).

SAB is in charge of providing a variety of free events for Arkansas Tech students. There’s a broad spectrum of events it hosts, ranging from comedians to black light parties to Humans vs. Zombies.

There are six people on the executive board of SAB, and Graham is the social chair. He is in charge of organizing and programming events, such as Tech’s Got Talent and the Paint War. Each person is in charge of programming specific events.

But there is more to SAB then just the executive board. There are also SAB volunteers who help set up events.
“We would be nothing without our volunteers,” Graham said. “They help out so much.”

There are around 20 dedicated volunteers, one of which was Graham when he started his sophomore year.
“I loved it. I loved the people that I had the privilege of meeting because of SAB, and I loved being part of the behind-the-scenes for the events that the board put on,” Graham said.

Graham was hired to be on the executive board the beginning of his junior year and still loves it. He works at least 15 hours a week, which includes office hours, meetings, planning events and the events themselves.

“I love seeing the students come to all of our events and have a great time and then come back for the next one,” Graham said. “It’s great to know that people are enjoying what we are throwing down.”

As social chair, Graham has had the opportunity to branch out and connect with multiple demographics on campus.
“I feel like this job has most definitely connected me to campus, not only with faculty and staff but also students. I love walking across campus and being able to say hi to 20 people as I walk from Witherspoon to the cafeteria. It’s a refreshing, good feeling to know that people recognize me so often,” Graham said.

After college, Graham plans to go to graduate school for Student Affairs. Though not sure of where yet, he hopes to get the chance to be a graduate assistant for that university’s activities board — and his endeavors don’t end there.

“After [graduate school], I am hoping to work as a Director of Campus Life at a university,” Graham said. “I know that I have always wanted to live in the northern part of the United States, so hopefully some opportunities for me will arise up there.”

Each organization on campus offers a multitude of opportunities, and Suede Graham has found his home in SAB.

Claudia Young
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