Golden Suns set for GAC tournament

Vandella Suico, from the Woodlands, Texas in her last home game against Oklamhoma Baptist.

The Arkansas Tech Golden Suns will open Great American Conference tournament play Thursday, April 20, in Bentonville. The Golden Suns are coming off a loss last Friday to the Oklahoma Baptist Bisons, with a final of 7-2.

Vandella Suico, from Woodlands, Texas, and Heleigh Long, from Rogers, picked up a win the No.3 doubles match, 8-5, to tie the match up.

Annabel Rowlands, from Wigan, England, and Kami Ward, from Hot Springs, gave the Suns a 2-1 lead in the No.2 doubles match.

The Golden Suns struggled to answer a strong Bison team, 18-3, 3-1 in the Great American Conference play, dropping all of the singles matches to take a 7-2 victory.


Roxanne Van Rensburg (OKBU) def. Macarena Sedano Acosta (Tech) 6-3, 6-0

Olivia Charvat (OKBU) def. Teresa Sanchez (Tech) 6-3, 6-0

Kim Moosbacher (OKBU) def. Kami Ward (Tech) 6-3, 6-1

Madeleine Boepple (OKBU) def. Annabel Rowlands (Tech) 7-5, 6-4

Alex Bowers (OKBU) def. Haeleigh Long (Tech) 6-3, 6-3

Caroline Abbe (OKBU) def. Vandella Suico (Tech) 6-2, 5-2, retired


Roxanne Van Rensburg/Kim Moosbacher (OKBU) def. Macarena Sedano Acosta/Teresa Sanchez (Tech) 8-0

Annabel Rowlands/Kami Ward (Tech) def. Olivia Charvat/Madeleine Boepple (OKBU) 8-6

Haeleigh Long/Vandella Suico (Tech) def. Alex Bowers/Caroline Abbe (OKBU) 8-5