Get what you pay for in college classes

Bruce Thomas/ The Arka Tech

Most college students celebrate their birthdays by going out to eat or maybe even by going to the movies. What about students playing pranks on their friends: how is that for a birthday present?

“I remember the exact email my student sent me,” Dr. Virgina Jones, assistant professor of communications, said. “He apologized for missing class that morning. He said it was his birthday and that his friends thought it would be funny to pile furniture in front of his door. Because of that, he was unable to attend class.”

Dr. Jones explained that she did not know wheter or not the student just partied a little too much and wanted to skip class, or if the student’s friends really did pile furniture in front of his door.

“I give him an A” for creativity, though,” Jones said.

We have been in school for about two months now, and not all of Arkansas Tech’s students have perfect attendance. By now, professors have heard several different excuses for students missing class. list the top nine excuses that students can use to get an actual excused absence. The online magazine claims anything from getting food poisoning to diarrhea will work.

“I have only made an excuse of having the stomach flu,” Samantha Main, a nursing major from Forrest City, said. “Although I had a normal excuse, I know a guy that kept saying his dad lost his arms. That was his way to get out of taking his chemistry test almost every time.”

While some students may have found excuses from the online magazine, some students feel they do not have to explain themselves to professors.

“I just tell my professors I will not be in class. They do not need an excuse,” Ronnie Allen, abusiness major from Fordyce, said.

Even if the absences are not excessive, Tech students are still missing out on valuable information while only missing one or two classes.