Games that deserve to be remastered

For better or worse, re-releasing games is huge right now.

Some were long overdue for a modern facelift, like “Grim Fandango,” and some, like “Grand Theft Auto V,” just needed the extra power that the new consoles possess to get the full experience.

It is a successful formula that has been used by developers to get a little more out of previous works with less effort than a completely new game. However, with games like “Devil May Cry,” and “Darksiders 2,” which are great games in their own right, there is really no need to revisit these games on new generation consoles.

The full, optimal experience of these games can be had on previous consoles at a fraction of the cost of a new release. It begs the question, which games are worthy of a re-release on modern consoles? Well, ever since I got my hands on a Wii U, I have dreamed of one game being remade for the system, “Pokemon Snap.”

“Pokemon Snap” was originally released in 1999 on Nintendo 64. Anyone who played “Pokemon Snap” immediately fell in love with the unique gameplay that put you in the role of a photographer unleashed to take pictures of the little creatures in their natural habitats. Obviously, a game set in such colorful environments like this would benefit immensely by being seen in high definition, but this game could also make great use of the Wii U gamepad. Nintendo loves using its systems in creative ways, and this combination is perfect.

The gamepad could act as a camera, while your screen displays the world around you. The built-in gyroscope of the gamepad would be perfect to swing around as something pops out of the corner of your screen. The “Pokemon” series is a huge money maker for Nintendo, so it is not completely out of question for this to happen.

Only time will tell if this trend of video game re-releases and remakes continue and if they’ll be deserving or taken advantage of by developers.