Game,3D Design building complete

The renovation of the new Game and 3D Design building at 1111 N. Arkansas Ave., across the street from McDonalds, is complete.

The building will be used for students in upper level classes for the game and interactive media design degree. Classes, like senior team projects and animation, will be taught in this new building.

“The Game and 3D Design building does not contain a computer lab,” Dawn Ward, the head of the department of art, said. “Instead, the building houses collaborative classroom space for student working on team based projects to meet and review their projects.”

The building also contains a gaming space, a 3D printer and a motion capture studio for students and faculty to utilize.

“The new building offers students and faculty a space for collaborative learning, where teams can work on concepts, rendering and 3D animation,” Ward said. “The students will benefit from working in this space as they would in a real world environment, which requires working in teams to produce a final product.”

Along with Ward, two other professors will be teaching classes in the new Game and 3D Design building. The professors are Dustin Simpson, assistant professor of game design and interactive media, and Jasmine Greer, assistant professor of game design.

“I’m excited about the potential for 3D modeling and animation in the lab,” Greer said. “Professor Simpson has already begun teaching some of these things in his courses. It’s very exciting to offer new courses for students and see the fantastic artwork that comes out of the projects.”

Though the renovation of this building is complete, students will not begin using it for a few weeks.