Fundraising cabaret serves just desserts

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The first dessert cabaret Music Theatre Workshop will be on April 25 at Williamson Dining Room. Seating starts at 6:45 p.m. Tickets cost $25 each and can be reserved by contacting Holly Ruth Gale, associate professor of music and an instructor of the course, at

MTW is self-funded. They pay for all recordings, equipment and materials with the proceeds from the cabaret, said Ken Futterer, associate professor and an instructor of the course.

Cass Capen-Housley, instructor and event coordinator, said that seats fill up fast because this group of performers has a following.

A cabaret consists of songs from multiple musicals from a variety of eras, Gale said. The songs are separated into different acts, the performers wear all black clothing and have no props.

Cabarets are more entertaining for guests who don’t have a background in music, Fairy Meng, senior music and business double major from China, said.

“This event is more modern music. Compared to classical, it is a better approach to the audience so I think everybody would like to see it,” Meng said.

The menu consists of assorted truffles, mini cheesecakes, cookies, dessert bars and mini pies, Capen- Housley said. Instead of the audience being served at tables like the annual MTW dinner cabaret, there will be a dessert buffet for guests to choose from before the performance begins.

Capen-Housley said that buffet style was chosen because it is less of a distraction than a server walking around asking guests if they needed more dessert while the performance is happening.

The staff members for all events in the Williamson Dining Room are students enrolled in Capen-Housley’s guest service management class.

The class gives students a real-world view of restaurant service, including hosting, managing, trouble-shooting, teamwork and serving.

This is the second cabaret MTW will have performed this month.

“If people are interested in being performers, the best thing you can do is perform as much as possible,” Gale said.

The dessert cabaret was added to the calendar in August, when Gale, Futterer and Capen-Housley were discussing the dinner cabaret that was performed in November.

“I get to meet so many people and make sure that their event is really special.” Capen-Housley said. “I also get to see my students excel and get hands on experience that will help them throughout their college experience and college career.”

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