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Fuel-efficient car, prototype designed by Tech students

Arkansas Tech engineering students. Credits: UNIVERSITY RELATIONS

How many engineering students does it take to make a car? Six Arkansas Tech seniors are taking on the challenge for a competition hosted by Shell.

The Shell Eco-marathon is a competition that challenges students worldwide to create a car that is more energy-efficient than those we are currently driving.

The competition is divided into two parts. Tech will be participating in the Prototype category. Prototype aims to provide fuel efficiency for the vehicle.

During the time of the competition, the team will try to travel the farthest on one liter of fuel with as many attempts as possible.
Tech’s project began about two years ago under the supervision of Dr. James Steuber, director and associate professor of mechanical engineering.

The team is currently in the stages of forming the car, and then they will begin testing the turbulence to make the car as fast as possible.
According to team leader Sydney Wood of Clarksville, the team hopes to have the car up and running by the end of the semester. Wood and the other five members will be graduating in December.

A new team will take the car to the competition in the spring. “We want it to be successful, not just this semester, but continue to be successful next semester.”

The marathon takes place in three different parts of the world. The 2016 competition for America will take place in Detroit. The team encourages marketing, business and engineering majors to participate in the project.

If interested, e-mail Wood at or Steuber at