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Food Review: Stoby’s

From cheese dip to french fries-Stoby’s exemplifies the taste of Russellville
JENN TERRELL/THE ARKA TECH: Stoby’s in downtown Russellville

Claudia Young

I first visited the original Stoby’s in Conway when I was thirteen. I have fond memories of Stoby’s.

The Stoby’s in Russellville is just as great. Upon walking in, you immediately notice the selection of desserts you can buy, which I only resisted at the end of the meal because my stomach could not handle another ounce of food.

We sat in the train section of the restaurant. This section of the restaurant is both antique and unique, and it reminds me of one of the cars I’ve ridden. br>
I ordered the ½ Pounder Three Cheese hamburger with a Mexican Punch. The punch was sweeter than I expected, a mixture of fruit punch and pineapple juice. It was a nice treat with my burger and fries!

JENN TERRELL/THE ARKA TECH: Claudia’s 1/2 pounder three cheese burger

The one complaint I have with the menu is that none of their drinks have prices next to them.

The burger was good. It isn’t the best burger I’ve ever had, but it definitely made it on my “Ordering again” list.

Stoby’s has won my heart with their fries, though. They are crispy and wonderful. I lucked out with a fresh batch. I can honestly say they are the best fries in Russellville. In conclusion, the service is great, the food is grand and I will be returning.

Jenn Terrell
Managing Editor
Stoby’s is a local favorite and it’s easy to see why. First, the environment is equally charming and unique. You have the option of dining in an actual train car or you can opt for the main dining area that includes model trains running on tracks connected to the ceiling.

I started with a strawberry lemonade. When I g

JENN TERRELL/THE ARKA TECH: The “stoby” ordered by Jenn.

o to restaurants I typically order water but not at Stoby’s. This is the one place where I know I have to have the strawberry lemonade. It tastes like a cup of fresh strawberry juice.

I have eaten at Stoby’s a few times before but I never noticed that there is an actual sandwich called “The Stoby”. I decided to order it after the waitress highly recommended it because of the special Stoby sauce that comes on it.

I had my choice of three meats and two cheeses. I also chose from five types of bread. I chose turkey, ham, and bologna on marble rye. I have to say the sandwich would have just been a typical sandwich had the special sauce not been included. The sauce was very tasty.

Before my main meal I ordered a small spicy cheese dip. I am a fan of both kinds of cheese dip they offer but I like the spicy white a tad more. I think it has more flavor. I continue to love this place. I’ll be back.