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Food review of Fat Daddy’s



Sierra Murphy:

Fat Daddy’s Bar-B-Que is, hands down, my favorite food review yet. The atmosphere was inviting, the ser- vice was speedy and the food was spectacular.

The food. Let me just say that the food was incredible.

When Amber and I were wrestling with where we wanted to go this week, I factored in price and how many more issues we wanted to go. My stomach, though, got the best of me, and we fed my desire for barbeque. We haven’t done Fat Daddy’s, so on a whim we went there.

We were both fresh out of class and had quite the appetite. She ordered fried pickles and I ordered a half plate of barbeque nachos, something I have been wanting to try since I saw an ad for them at another restaurant.

My mouth is watering just thinking about this food. The fried pickles were spears, not circular slices like I normally get when I order fried pickles. Served with our choice of ranch, they were almost breaded and then fried. The breading itself adhered to the pickle well and had a bit of heat coming off of it.

The ranch seemed thick to me and paired almost perfectly with the breading and the pickle.

Then I turned to the nachos. I was thinking this would be your average Velveeta with shredded pork piled on top, then drizzled with barbeque sauce. But it was far from average. The nacho chips themselves seemed house made, and were then piled with a thick white cheese sauce, lettuce, red onions, tomatoes, sour cream and then my choice of chicken, beef or pork. I chose pork, and opted against the jalepenos that are also offered with the dish.

When, not if, I go back to Fat Daddy’s, I will be getting the appetizers again. I don’t even need to go on to the main course. I am perfectly fine with going back for those fried pickles and nachos.

But I had to go on, for the sake of the food review.

After a couple sips of my sweet tea I decided on the Fat Daddy, a pulled pork sandwich with my choice of sides. I decided on the sweet sauce, potato salad and veg- etables. Once I got my sandwich, I knew I hadn’t gone wrong.

I ordered sweet bar- beque sauce, and the meat came already marinated in it. There was enough sauce to make you have to wipe your lips with a napkin, but not enough to drench the bun. The sauce, though, is so peculiar to me. Even though it was sweet, it still left a bit of a burn in my mouth.I can’t put my finger on the exact feeling, but it wasn’t too vinegary but not too hot to have me reaching for my tea after a bite. No matter the ingredient, I encourage those new to barbeque to try the Fat Daddy pulled pork sandwich.

One thing I must scold the restaurant for is putting olives in the potato salad. The salad, though, you can tell has a personal spin on it, for there were also carrot slices and red onion in it. I thought for a potato salad, the recipe was peculiar. But the taste was downright yummy all the same.

I can’t say this enough – my mouth is watering and I can’t wait for when I get to go back to Fat Daddy’s.


Amber Appleby:

My last few food reviews have been pretty lukewarm, which, according to Sierra, is a little bit of an understate- ment. I am a pretty picky eat- er, which I think lends itself well to food reviews, but I’m pretty biased. However, I am anything but lukewarm about Fat Daddy’s Bar-B-Que.

Sierra had been before, but it was my first time. I was impressed with the cleanli- ness of the restaurant. Most BBQ places are pretty hole- in-the-wall and fairly dirty, which is part of their charm.

We haggled over appetiz- ers first, deciding on BBQ nachos and fried pickles.

The BBQ nachos were basically like nachos supreme from La Huerta only, instead

f ground beef, chicken, and beans, it had smoked pork. There was a layer of chips, covered in white cheese sauce, then pork, then a mountain of lettuce. The cheese sauce was impressive. I didn’t expect a BBQ joint to have such good cheese sauce. It was so good in fact that even after I was stuffed, I kept eating cheese cover chips.

Fried pickles are prob- ably my favorite fried thing. There is something so ap- pealing about a deep fried dill pickle slathered in ranch dressing. Fat Daddy’s did not disappoint me. The pickles had a nice breading that was thin enough to not be overpowering and greasy. The pickles had a nice crunch and were not floppy. Add those two things together and smother it in ranch. It doesn’t get much better.

I settled on ribs with potato salad and “almost world-famous” baked beans for the main course. I’m a big fan of ribs. Usually it’s what I ask my dad to cook for my birthday. These ribs were good. Fall off the bone, melt in your mouth, slap your pappy good.  They were not too saucy and they had a little bit of a “bite” to them. I was pretty devoted to eating them as fast as I could, but I did take some time to sample the sides.

The potato salad had olives. Now, I have nothing against olives per se, but I don’t like them in my potato salad. The potato salad also had an odd taste like they put mustard and mayonnaise both in it. I don’t like that either. Pick one or the other; this isn’t a twofer deal.

I would agree with the “almost world-famous” assessment on the baked beans. They were a little sweet, like baked beans are supposed to be, and they had smoked pork, which is a must in BBQ baked beans.

This meal was pretty cheap. For a lunch sized portion of ribs (3), it was about $8, which isn’t too bad for ribs and two sides.

The potato salad was the only disappointing thing about this meal. If you like BBQ food, and are on a budget, which is all college students, I would definitely recommend going to Fat Daddy’s.