The Arka Tech

Food Review: Nothing Fancy

The Arka Tech checked out one of Russellville’s popular food vendors — Nothing Fancy.

$6.49 BBQ Sandwich with fries and water

By Sam Hoisington

Nothing Fancy is located inside of City Mall and decorated in a very eclectic fashion. However, the food leaves something more to be desired. I decided on the barbecue sandwich, an order of fries, and a water. The sandwich was small and the helping of fries was rather underwhelming too. The quality of the food reminded me of an elementary school cafeteria. I expected something unique from Nothing Fancy, but I suppose I should have believed the name.

$5.90 Fancy burger with chips and water

By Ashley Pearson

Nothing Fancy is true to its name. As I stood in line waiting to order I noticed there were signs taped up everywhere. Some signs noted that there had been changes in prices or said certain foods were available on special days. The menu was quite interesting. The left side contained every day average American food like burgers and fries while the right side listed Vietnamese dishes.  It was a simple burger and it eased my hunger, though I wish the bacon had been more flavorful.

$5.99 Cheeseburger with fries and a coke

By Jesse Griffiths

My experience with Nothing Fancy got off to a promising start with a friendly staff and interesting menu.  But after a long wait, I was treated to a meal not much better than anything I could have gotten at a fast food joint for half the price.  The cheeseburger I ordered was filling and tasted decent, but the fries were bland and difficult to finish.  I would go back to Nothing Fancy to try their Asian food, but there is nothing drawing me back for more of the American style food.