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Food Review: Linh’s Vietnamese Cuisine

$13, Yum Yum Chicken
Claudia Hall/Opinions Editor


I ordered the Yum Yum Chicken, which is C12 on the menu. It consisted of breaded chicken covered in yum yum sauce, rice and vegetables.

My family works with international students in Fayetteville, many of which are Vietnamese. This food took me back home for an hour, and it was wonderful. I regret not ordering any pho, so I hope to return soon to try it.

I hadn’t originally planned on ordering the boba tea, but I’ve always seen photos of people drinking it and wanted to try it myself. Mango is usually my favorite flavor, but it wasn’t the case this time. Overall, I loved the atmosphere and quality of Linh’s. I have been recommending this restaurant to others.

$10, Beef Pho
Jenn Terrell/ Graduate Assistant

Linh’s Vietnamese Restaurant is admittedly one of my favorites in Russellville. Everything from their traditional Vietnamese soup (pho) to their egg roll salad will satisfy your taste buds. The pho has always been a favorite of mine. I typically get the P7. It has lean beef, rice noodles, and an unbelievably tasty broth. It comes with bean sprouts, lime, and a couple slices of fresh jalapeno on the side. I usually ask for cilantro to throw in and top mine off with sriracha to make it spicy.

There are several other amazing finds on the menu as well. They are possibly the only place in Russellville to serve boba tea and Vietnamese coffee plus they’ve just added a small Asian market inside. If you haven’t heard of them, you must go in and see for yourself.