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Food Review: Brick Oven Pizza

Editor-in-Chief Claudia Young and Nathan Young, contributing writer, check out another local favorite. 



Contributing Writer

Chips and Queso – $4 8” BBQ Chicken Pizza – $5.50 Sweet Tea – $1.50

As soon as we opened the door, the smell of pizza hit us. Brick Oven Pizza Co. had my attention already.

The waitress greeted us immediately as we walked in the door. When we got the menus, my wife and I browsed through the options.

CLAUDIA YOUNG/THE ARKA TECH Brick Oven’s white cheese dip

When I saw chips and queso, I hesitated. Why would there be chips and queso at a pizza place? But since I was feeling adventurous, I ordered it anyway.

I also ordered a sweet tea, which was good. It was not too strong, but still very sweet. Just the way I liked it.

As soon as the chips and queso were sat down in front of us, I dove in. I was hungry and this dip was delicious. The dip was quite salty, but I love salty things.

It also had a little bit of a spice to it, just the way I like it. I consider myself a cheese dip connoisseur because I have it every time I see it on a menu. This goes right up there next to the dip momma makes.

I also ordered a BBQ Chicken Pizza. The moment it came out, I knew I’d ordered the right thing. The chicken and cheese covered a nice thin layer of BBQ sauce on the thin crust pizza. As soon as I bit into it, all other problems melted away.

Normally, I didn’t like onions on my food, but since I was being adventurous I decided to leave them on. It added a sweet crunch to the overall experience. It was a nice addition to the flavor.

Overall, the experience I had at Brick Oven was enjoyable.

CLAUDIA YOUNG/THE ARKA TECH: BBQ chicken pizza ordered by Nathan



I’ve been to Brick Oven Pizza a handful of times, each experience satisfying. I prefer thick crust over thin, but I still enjoy Brick Oven.

I shared the Chips and Queso with Nathan. Unlike him, I don’t like a lot of salt. At first, I loved it. It had the perfect amount of spice. But after a while, I noticed it tasting saltier and saltier. The chips were fantastic, but I couldn’t keep eating the queso. I like salt, but I like it to enhance the flavor not take over it.

This trip, I decided to go out of my comfort zone. Since I was four, I have always loved and ordered Hawaiian pizza. I always stick with that because I know I like it. This time, I chose a Build Your Own Calzone with ham and pineapple. So I guess I didn’t stray too far from the norm, but it was a leap of faith for me.

Growing up, my mom would have our own Build Your Own Calzone nights. She would lay out dozens of toppings and we would make our own, including closing our calzones ourselves with forks. It’s something I think fondly of.

Though I wouldn’t consider this calzone as good as my mom’s recipe, because it was thin crust, it was still wonderful. I had enough to take home to eat for dinner.

Overall, my experience was a good one. I will return when I get the craving for thin crust pizza again.

CLAUDIA YOUNG/THE ARKA TECH: Ham and pineapple calzone ordered by Claudia