First department now in Brown Hall

On Wednesday, the first of 11 departments moved into Brown Hall.

Currently, crews are working on final preparations to the building, such as painting and assembling furniture. Departments from around campus will be moved into the building on a staggered schedule over the course of March and the beginning of April, according to Galen Rounsaville, Tech’s construction manager.

The Budget and Special Programs Department moved into the space Wednesday after being temporarily housed in the Administration Building.

The departments of Human Resources and Payroll will soon join the budget office on the fourth floor. Upward Bound, the Office of the Registrar and Student Support Services will be on the third floor. Financial Aid, Student Accounts, and the card office will be on the second floor. The Office of Admissions will occupy the first floor, with a coffee bar in the main lobby.

Nine classrooms are spread out across the four floors and will used by various academic departments. Each room will be equipped with 80-inch flat screen television and movable furniture, said Tiffany Henry, assistant to the director of academic services, whose department is responsible for scheduling the use of the classrooms.

The budget department used to occupy space in the building that was torn down to build Brown Hall. The department’s nine staff members are most excited about the technological upgrades over their last facility, Linda Johnson, budget and special programs director, said. Their last office did not have central heat and air.

The largest department to move into the building will also be the final department to move into the building. The Office of Admissions, which will move in on April 11, has 15 staff members and 12 student workers.

Administrative Assistant Keesha Kneeland said the increased space is the biggest perk of the new office.

SAM HOISINGTON/THE ARKA TECH Jerry's new pen is still under construction.
SAM HOISINGTON/THE ARKA TECH Jerry’s new pen is still under construction.

“We really need more room,” said Kneeland. “We’re packed like sardines in here.”

The new admissions office will feature private offices with doors for admissions recruiters and more room for document examiners to work in.

Student groups visiting Tech will no longer have to wait in the hallway for their tours as new office will have a room purposefully built for hosting larger tour groups.

Even Jerry the Bulldog will have his own space in the new office. There will be a fenced-in space near the front desk, complete with a bed for mid-day naps.