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‘Finesse’ brings back American culture classic hip hop

This week’s music artist is Bruno Mars, an awe inspiring artist well known for plenty of hits such as: “Just the Way You Are,” “Locked Out of Heaven” and “That’s What I Like.”
However, Mars actually got his name in the music industry as a songwriter. In 2010, he became an artist with his song “Nothin’ on You” featuring B.O.B. Opening with a piano that plays a rhythmic tune, the song is about how Mars could get with any girl on the planet; however, they have nothing on the one he has now. He has a way with words that boys should be welcome to play out. Moreover, Mars does more than songs about girls and love; the artist also does songs that are simply fun to listeners. One of them being “The Lazy Song;” just as it implies, the song is about doing absolutely nothing.
Likewise, the artist’s songs do not always follow the good parts in life. Mars is also known for songs that will bring tears from any pair of eyes, such as “When I was Your Man,” which follows a man going through his memories. Mars is well known for putting a twist in his music nowadays, using tunes that were popular about a decade or two ago; however, he still shows off his talent to make music that anyone can dance to.
Mars’s latest song, “Finesse,” brings back American culture classic hip hop featuring the one and only Cardi B. The song is a couple coming together on the dance floor and doing it amazingly as Mars details in his lyrics. Bruno Mars is currently 32 and has won plenty of awards, such as the 2017 American Music Award for Artist of the Year and 2011 Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. Mars’s music has surely evolved throughout the years and keeps his fans wondering what he is going to do next.