Finding the perfect study space

The lobby of Witherspoon Hall, home of the music department.

Places to study on campus are not hard to come by at Arkansas Tech.  In fact, nearly every building on campus has some kind of space for students to study in; from the lobbies in Brown to the lobby in Witherspoon.  However, many students are unaware of some of the more popular study spaces.

The Brown building by Rothwell is the newest building added to the Arkansas Tech campus, and its study places are perhaps lesser known.  The building is made up of four floors with a lobby on each floor.  The lobby on the first floor is home to a small café area with cushioned seating.  The lobbies on the other three floors have desks and several plug-in areas for laptops or phones.

The library is also a fairly popular place to study.

“I usually study in my room, but I go to the library sometimes,” Joshua VanDevender, an English and creative writing major from Booneville, said.

The first and third floors of the library have several computers with internet and printer access.  The second floor also has computers with internet and printer access, but it also has small study rooms and larger study rooms.  These study rooms can be reserved in one-hour blocks by going online to

Many students also choose to study in the upstairs area of Baz-Tech.  The upstairs of Baz-Tech has several smaller tables, a few couches and three large rooms with tables and whiteboards.

The Witherspoon lobby is also nearly always filled with studying students.  Nich Parnell, a parks and recreation major from Harrison, said he enjoys studying in the Witherspoon lobby because, “It’s not really loud.”  The Witherspoon lobby has several tables and armchairs, as well as a few plugins for laptops.

While there are several places to study on campus, many students still prefer to study in their rooms.  “I don’t ever go to the library; I just study in my apartment,” Ally Smith, a public relations major from Van Buren, said.

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