Finding hopefulness admist the tragedy

Within less than a month, the U.S. was slammed with two major natural disasters. Disasters that cost untold amounts of damage, and destroyed so many memories, homes, businesses and so much more.

It is easy to think with two major hurricanes slamming our country that our world is falling apart. Mix in recent political drama and terrorists’ attacks, that we, the people, feel we are no longer the masters of our destinies rather our destinies master us.

But I choose to see the good, rather than the bad. When Hurricane Harvey hit, people from different parts of the country flocked to Houston to offer assistance. People brought their boats and aided rescue teams. Animal rescue groups rushed to help animals left behind. Houstonians opened their businesses for displaced people. In amidst disaster, America did what Americans do best—help their neighbor.

In these moments of despair, hope may be hard to find. And to lose all of one’s belongings, memories and semblance of life before a disaster gives one right to despair. Seeing images of men and women wading through water, rescuing their neighbor, strangers helping strangers, restores my hope that America does not have to become ‘great again’, rather it is still a great place, full of Americans who deeply care about their country and fellow Americans.