CORRECTION – Fees: Use what you pay for – CORRECTION


We apologize for our fees story printed 9-14. An older version was printed by mistake. Here are the correct fee amounts and new/altered categories with a “quick and dirty” version of what they are. Some categories may look like they are gone while new have appeared but all of the fees from the last article are still in effect, they have just been consolidated.


ATHLETIC STUDENT FEE ($18.00 PER CREDIT HOUR)- Go to games, they are “free.” [Undergrad degree= $120]

HEALTH AND WELLNESS FEE ($6.00 PER CREDIT HOUR)- If you are sick, need a Band-Aid or a prescription; go see the nurse practioners. If you need a counselor for anxiety, testing or other issues you get 10 free sessions per academic year. [Undergrad degree= $720]

LIBRARY FEE ($1.00 PER CREDIT HOUR)- Go to the library; use its resources including private rooms. [Undergrad degree= $120]

PUBLIC SAFETY FEE ($2.00 PER CREDIT HOUR)- They help to protect the campus and yes, that includes by giving you a parking ticket. [Undergrad degree= $240]

INSTRUCTIONAL SUPPORT FEE ($10.00 PER CREDIT HOUR)-This has many various connections but this is how you have a classroom. Something missing or broke, report it. [Undergrad degree= $1200]

STUDENT ACTIVITY FEE ($2.00 PER CREDIT HOUR)- It covers Student Government Association, RSOs and other on campus events.  [Undergrad degree= $240]

FACILITIES FEE ($16.00 PER CREDIT HOUR)- -This keeps our campus up to date on everything that is not already listed. [Undergrad degree= $1920]

TECHNOLOGY OPERATIONS FEE [the equipment fee in included in this] ($15.00 PER CREDIT HOUR)- This allows you to have the technology, including software that you need for college. Office 365 is available for free to download. [Undergrad degree= $1800]

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