The Arka Tech

Fall Break Report

Bruce Thomas

For two days, classes at Arkansas Tech University are suspended due to ATU’s fall break, but what does this mean for students who may have other responsibilities outside the classroom?

              ATU is giving students a break from classes October 12-13. For some this means a full four-day weekend and no responsibilities, while for others it is merely a minor reprieve from school. With projects still going on and schoolwork still due, some students also factor in jobs and family to the equation. So, what do students utilize fall break for?

               With fall break giving students a four-day weekend, some students use this time to reconnect with family and go home for a few days.

“Fall break is one of the only times I get to go home to my family,” Joe England, graduate student majoring in college student personnel from Clinton, said. “I love that ATU provides us this break since most colleges don’t, but it is honestly one of the only times I get to go home and see my family.”

Being able to escape classes gives a moment of rest, but some students still worry about jobs and money. Some students still go home during fall break, but use that time to pad their pockets with a little cash by working at home while also visiting family.

“I get to go home, but in that time, it is not just a paradise away from class,” said Allen Crawford, junior nursing student from Calico Rock. “I still work at home and have responsibilities that don’t pause like classes. I still love the fact that I am able to go home, but I still have things I’ve got to get done.”

Josh Lewis, junior computer science major from Southside, said, “Like a lot of other students I go home for the break, but that does not mean I am free of things to do. I still work at a hotel every time I travel back home. I like it there, and it gives me a little walking around money.”

              Fall break does not mean a trip home for everyone however. Some students have to stay behind to attend jobs here in Russellville, so for these students fall break is just a breathing period from classes.

              “I wish I could go home, but my work does not allow me to take off too many days in a row,” said Aspen Roberts, junior computer science major from Benton. “I work here in Russellville which means I can’t travel too far away. I mainly save family time for the big breaks like Christmas where my job is a little more lenient on me leaving.”