Esports: An overview of ‘Overwatch’

In the world of competitive video games, or esports, “Overwatch” is a newer, well-known competitive game on the scene.

“Overwatch” is a competitive team-based ability FPS. For competition, this means two teams of six players fight over different objectives on different maps to decide who ultimately is a winner.

The difference for “Overwatch” is each team is given the choice of up to 28 heroes to choose from. Each hero has different abilities and skills from the next that makes each one unique and allows for a lot of strategy and team building with each game.

Recently the “Overwatch” competitive scene has taken a big leap forward with the introduction of the Overwatch League or the OWL for short. With the creation of a league like that of the NFL, potential buyers were allowed the opportunity to purchase ownership of these teams and own and manage them like in the NFL.

Owners can pick and trade players from the world’s top pools of players. The Inaugural season of the OWL recently ended and will be picking back up with the start of the next year.

It will start with even more teams added to the league and promises greater competition after having an entire off season to prepare.

You can watch OWL games through the OWL app on your phone or through twitch at Blizzard, the developer of “Overwatch,” also allows great competition at the collegiate level. Through a program called TESPA teams from all over the United States can register with their student id’s and compete as teams representing their school.

In the last year at Arkansas Tech, a group of dedicated students have formed their own official school club for esports. “Overwatch” is one of the many games that the club competes in.

Each semester the “Overwatch” teams here at Arkansas Tech participate in a series of matches over the semester competing against many schools across the southern part of the country.

This semester they will be competing in the fall TESPA series lasting over 12 weeks into the beginning of December. Arkansas Tech has two teams representing them.

Most of their matches will take place on Sunday evenings and you can watch here at If you are interested in joining the club, you can join the discord server here at

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