Effectively managing stress can help students succeed

Managing stress effectively is a key factor in leading a happy, healthy and successful college life. Arkansas Tech students have a lot of activities going on in their lives, including classes, homework assignments, group projects, clubs, organizations, jobs and, coming up in a few weeks — finals. All these can cause stress.
Stress is a part of life, but iit doesn’t always have to be a bad. Stress, for some students, can be a motivator. Always being under stress, for some students, is like an adrenaline rush. These students use stress to impact their lives in a positive way.

Some students, however, see stress as an inhibitor. The wall students can’t seem to climb, and the clock that moves to fast keep these students from focusing and utilizing their time in the best possible way. These students let stress impact their lives in a negative way.
Lori Wineland, director of Student Support Services said every student manages stress differently.

“One of the most important things a student can remember to do when it comes to handling stress is breathe,” Wineland said. “Some students need their schedules broken down so they can see how their life can be more manageable, and that’s OK. It’s all about a student making the most of the time they do have.”

Wineland recommended using stress balls during really stressful times.

“When I’m doing something under a deadline, I will open my desk drawer and pull out my stress balls and use them,” Wineland said. “They really help.”
Making lists can also help students manage their busy lives.

“I make lists,” Wineland said. “This has to be done today. This could be done today. This can wait until later, but now I know these are the things I need to get done. Then when I get those things done I love checking them off the list.

“When students become organized, set priorities, and use good time management skills, it helps them reduce so much stress in their lives,” Wineland said. “One of the reasons students stress is because they put things off and procrastinate. There is already so much stress in student’s lives they can’t control, and students being able to take control of something like school and control it is important and can help them feel empowered.”

With finals coming, being prepared and keeping stress levels low can help students ensure a successful end to the fall semester.