Editorial: your vote is your voice

We want to say great job to the young Democrats of America and the young Republicans of America. We want to say great job to the students who have changed their voter registrations so they can vote in Pope County come November. And we want to encourage students who have yet to take advantage of the voting rights afforded to them.

We will continue to encourage those who have yet to vote, even though it’s upsetting to think that we have to tell students their voice mattes.
Our administration pounds that idea into us at welcome ceremonies and miscellaneous speeches. The Arka Tech staff encourages students’ submissions no matter what you write. Still, students don’t speak up and take advantage of the opportunities afforded them.

Many people want to blame it on our generation. The average Tech student is a millennial, who is often described as narcissistic, bent on self-gratification and only looking out for “number one.” They don’t have time to participate in community outreach programs and elections because those don’t do them any good now.

Besides millennials, college students in general are stigmatized. Liberal. Irresponsible. Lost. The list goes on and on and on.

No matter how you spin it, this generation of college students is fighting, and is going to fight, rounds of self doubt, disbelief in American politics and elders who feel like we don’t have a place to speak up. It’s beginning to look like we lost hope, because people lost hope in us. We started believing the myth that we’re young and here to have fun so what we do must not register on the radar with what “actually matters.” There’s no point in fighting for a battle we already lost to the rumor mill.

This editorial, Tech students, is our rally cry to utilize the voice you have to better the society you are a part of. We believe in you and the potential you hold.

It’s no secret; we think the implications of this presidential election should scare you enough into voting. But no response at all is going to perpetuate the process of apathy, leaving little hope for the next generation of Tech students that will come after you.

We are citizens in the twenty first century dismissing voting rights that weren’t afforded to half the population not even 100 years ago. For what? Why won’t you vote?

We believe in you, and we hope that you will vote.