Dystopian novel offers ‘Hunger Games’ feel

“Red Queen,” by Victoria Aveyard, is a book I actually started while I still worked at Hastings. Its been a long time since they were around, right?

I picked up the book in a slow moment and bought it after my shift to finish it. It’s a dystopian novel that’s fairly similar to “The Hunger Games”. However, “Red Queen” has a much different feel than “The Hunger Games.”

The world is separated by blood. Red and sliver. Those with silver blood are royal, and they possess remarkable powers, such as: telekinesis, fire power and mind control.

Mare Barrow is a Red who has grown up in the Kingdom of Norta, which has been at war with the Lakelands since anyone can remember.

In an effort to keep her best friend from being forced into the war, Mare makes a deal with the resistance. When a deal goes horribly wrong, Gisa is prevented from helping her family anymore, which prompts Mare to accept help from a stranger.

With the stranger’s help, Mare is brought in to work for the royal family. It won’t be long before Mare learns somethings about herself, and about this family, that she really would have been better off not knowing.

“Red Queen” shares the same desperation as “The Hunger Games”; however, “Red Queen” totally immerses the reader in a world of supernatural powers and royalty.

You will be entranced with Mare and what she learns about herself and the royal family. I would highly recommend “Red Queen” to anyone who loves “Divergent,” “The Hunger Games” or a good love triangle.

Amber Appleby
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