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Drinking games are for the weak at heart

Four red seats sat vacant when Yadier Molina jogged to right field for warmups. Vacant when the Giants starting lineup was called. Vacant when Cardinals Manager Mike Matheny took the field before the National Anthem was played. Vacant when Adam Wainwright threw a first-pitch strike to start the National League Championship Series.

Vacant until the second inning, when the Giants took a 2-0 lead over the Cardinals after Pablo Sandoval and Hunter Pence scored.

Four fans, three women and one man, finally took their seats in the middle of the second inning. Carrying two beers, the woman to my right asked if she could use my cup holder. She asked again mid-fourth, when she came back with two red alcoholic drinks in plastic cups. She was gone by the fifth, along with the three sitting with her. Back in time for the bottom of the sixth, she had a plate of nachos and a turkey leg, along with another beer bottle. Half of her snack ended up on her as she shared it with her friends.

When beer vendors warned of their final call in the bottom of the seventh, four more beers where bought among the group and added to the pile of trash near my feet. She slowed down by the eighth, finally noticing we were down by three runs.
The group of fans with slurred speech and bloodshot eyes left before the bottom of the ninth.

Yes, I have been to a game at Busch Stadium before, and yes, I do realize some fans like to enjoy the game with a few beers.

But please help me understand. My husband and I paid hundreds of dollars on tickets to watch our beloved Cardinals take on the Giants in the Final Four of Major League Baseball. We spent money at the team store. We spent money on parking. We spent money at a nice Italian restaurant. We spent money on a hotel. We spent money on gas.

We did not spend $9 for a beer at the game. Aside from the amount of money those four fans spent on alcohol, they had to go somewhere after the game. Let’s pray they didn’t get into their car and take off through the streets of downtown St. Louis.


A small part of me hopes they did get pulled over and spent the night in jail. But I doubt it, because out of the 47,201 fans at the game that night, I am guessing more than half of them drank more than a couple of beers.

So please help me understand the attraction, the need to spend a significant amount of money to not remember the game you spend a significant amount of money to go to. I will gladly admit I have never had a beer before and that my experience with alcohol is limited to the white wine used to cook the scampi at Red Lobster.

Maybe it’s comparable to enjoying a few Diet Dr Peppers; I’m not really sure.

I do know that I had an awesome experience Saturday night. The Cardinals may have lost, but I was able to watch and remember arguably the best catcher in MLB history, Yadi, and the best pitcher the Redbirds have had in recent history, Waino. I waved my towel, cheered and groaned, and I never left my seat vacant the entire duration of the game.