The Arka Tech

Don’t blame the refs


Football is a game of inches that can come down to the last second. The most important job on the field comes down to the referees who watch and call the game. It is on their shoulders to decide how a game goes. They make the calls that matter. Referees are tasked with making decisions over events in the game that happen faster than the blink of an eye.

We tend to forget that referees are also human. Like all humans, we make mistakes; It’s inevitable.

Over the history of football, many games have been decided on a single call that changes the outcome of a game. When it comes down to the end of a close game, emotions are high and everyone is on edge. It is easy for teams who end up on the bad side of a call to blame the refs. As many teams have suffered the bad end of a bad call or missed penalty, you must remember one thing, a football game is not won on one play.

Many blame a bad call as what caused the game to be lost. One play does not make the game. Each team is given ample time to decide their fate before the clock expires.

So, when you think about yelling at that referee who missed a call, remember that the referees are trained professionals that are also humans and have families that watch them while they officiate the game.