Diet, exercise lead to transformation

Floyd's before and after pictures
Floyd's before and after pictures
Floyd’s before and after pictures

Not many people can say, nor do many people even dream, that they can lose 94 pounds in a little less than six months strictly by diet and exercise. Michelle Floyd is the exception to everyone else. Michelle Floyd, who works in custodial services for Tech’s Facilities Management department, was determined.

Spending years at an uncomfortably large weight is what motived Floyd to decide to do something. Other reasons came into the picture after years spent being overweight. Floyd was beginning to suffer from swollen feet and it would hurt to walk. Her doctor told her that she needed to cut out the soft drinks and it would help, because the drinks were so high in sodium. Floyd eliminated the soft drinks and the swelling improved. It entered her mind that she needed to make other changes.

Floyd decided she needed to do something about her weight or her health was going to continue to get worse. She began to exercise and watch the things that she would eat. She lost about 50 pounds. She gained 40 pounds back.

“I wasn’t motivated enough and I quit and I gained 40 pounds back,” Floyd said.

Another year rolled by and Floyd once again decided that it was time to get it done. Lose the weight was her number one priority. She began again on July 19, 2015.

“You just really don’t want to go anywhere or do anything because you feel uncomfortable,” said Floyd.

Counting carbs, eating tuna and chicken and vegetables. Drinking nothing but water. Waking up at 2 a.m. to begin her morning workout before she had to be at work at 4:30 a.m. And working out one more time when she got home from work.

The weight began to drop. It began to drop at a rapid pace. Floyd started to average a loss of about two to three pounds per week. It has now been more than six months and Floyd is down 94 pounds.

Floyd’s family, friends and co-workers kept her motivated. When she would be working out at home she said her son would come check on her to make sure she didn’t need anything.

When Floyd went in for a check-up with her heart doctor about her circulation problem after losing about 50 pounds she said the doctor was astounded. He questioned Floyd on how she did it and how she lost the weight so quickly. Just a few months before he had seen a much larger woman. Floyd responded with “just diet and exercise.”

Floyd said the doctor was proud of her and couldn’t believe the transformation. He told Floyd he wished more of his patients could see what a great improvement weight loss, for those that need to lose weight, can be. After that Floyd was even more motivated.

The hardest part of the process, Floyd said, was the change in eating habits.

“You know, food is everywhere. You can’t get away from it,” said Floyd.

She rarely eats out and counts her carbs and portions all her meals.

She says she looks better, feels better, has more energy and strives to stay health everyday.

While losing 94 pounds is obviously a great accomplishment, Floyd said she wanted to lose about 36 more pounds. At the rate she is going that would be about four more months of the strict diet and exercise.

Without a doubt Floyd believes she is up to the task. Even after she loses all the weight she wants she still plans to continue to eat right and exercise.

“I had to get my mindset right. And now I look forward to exercising,” said Floyd, “I feel better when I do.”

She also said she didn’t understand why she didn’t do it sooner.