Delicious Italian fare for all to enjoy

Amanda Hampton/The Arka Tech

It’s one o’ clock in the afternoon and all I can think about is food. I had not eaten breakfast which isn’t unusual for me but now my stomach is roaring as if its yelling at me to eat. I researched places to eat in Russellville and kept coming across an Italian restaurant by the name of Venezia’s so I thought why not?

My fellow reporter and I pulled in front of a plain white, small building sporting spurts of red and green. As we walked in, confusion set in on whether it was seat yourself or not, which lead to us awkwardly standing at the front for a few minutes.

The inside of the restaurant, however, made up for it. We walked into a small, well lit, homely atmosphere. Paintings filled the walls that engaged the eye thoroughly with its broad spectrum of color and activity. In the front of the restaurant, sat trophies that proved their food was award winning, along with some of the most famous wine bottles from Italy. Frank Sinatra quietly hummed in the background as we took our seat.

I noticed there were very few people in the restaurant as we slid into our booths and began searching through the menu. Venezia’s had a great variety of options including subs, salads, pizzas and of course pasta. It all seemed to be moderately priced ranging from $7-$13.

All I could think about while scanning the menu, was just a plain jane regular cheese pizza. I know, it’s very simple and a dish that is offered at many places but it’s important to know where to get the best pizza in town, I believe.

Our server seemed slightly scattered brained and but she was sweet nonetheless. We patiently waited for about 15-20 minutes and while waiting, I realized the menu mentioned how the food was prepared as soon as it was ordered rather than pre-made, which was impressive to me.

Waiters and waitress seemed to cheerfully engage with one another as if they were family. Delightful smells filled the dining area as our food was being rushed to our table.

Before me sat a 12-inch cheese-y, gooey, hot pizza that was waiting to be devoured. I broke apart a piece and carefully placed it in my mouth. It was a life changing moment. The perfect amount of cheese had been portioned onto the pizza and the sauce was rich unlike any other.

The crust was perfectly crunchy and the pizza was absolute delicious even to the last bite.

I could tell this pizza was different than any other pizza in town. It was not cheaply made and it had a certain Italian twist to it that I can’t quite put my finger one. I could only eat about three pieces before I declared a state of complete fullness.

However, we ended up ordering a cannoli, which hosts a crunchy outer shell and is filled with light, fluffy cream and drizzled in warm chocolate. It was very rich and absolutely worth the extra five dollars. It was a dessert that stands alone.

I was extremely satisfied with the food, prices and overall atmosphere of the restaurant. Our server was mostly good but she was a little out of it but it could have just been a bad day for her and when we first arrived we were both a little confused. All in all, I would highly recommend and encourage all readers to stop by for lunch or dinner.

Scatterbrained staff, well-made Italian food

When we walked into Venezia’s we were immediately confused as a woman with an Italian accent told us to seat ourselves, a rather unusual thing for the type of restaurant that it seemed to be.

Despite the confusion, we were soon eased into the pleasing atmosphere of quiet, calming tunes and given menus with a plethora of options.

Considering I’m not a fan of pasta, I was a little nervous to be trying an Italian restaurant, but I was pleasantly surprised. The bread that they brought out prior to our meal was warm and delicious. It was addicting honestly and tempting to keep eating instead of eating my meal.

I ordered the Stromboli for about $9.00 which had pepperoni, sausage, ham and mozzarella cheese. I have never had Stromboli before, but it was surprisingly delicious as well. I also tried the cheese pizza, which my lunch partner had ordered and again was surprised. There is something different in Italian pizza that makes it all the better.

There was no question about dessert… I had to order a cannoli, how could I resist? The cannoli was well-made; crunchy on the outside, rich and creamy on the inside. Not to mention, it was covered in chocolate. The only complaint was it was a little pricy, around $4.50.

Overall, I was pleasantly pleased with the food at Venezia’s and my only criticism would be the scatterbrained nature of the staff. However, I’ll be forgiving because it could have been a rough day.