Deadline for foundation scholarships approaching

SIERRA MURPHY/THE ARKA TECH: Ashane Stringer-McBride is a recipient of a foundation scholarship.

Despite the beginning of the semester having just begun, students are reminded to look toward their future summer and fall semesters.

Foundation Scholarship Coordinator Christi Brown urged students to apply for foundation scholarships before the deadline, which is Feb. 28. Up to 250 scholarships will fund students through the 2015-16 academic year and provide students with an opportunity to be selected for scholarships ranging from $50 to full tuition and books paid.

“Feb. 28 falls on a Saturday, so it’s in everyone’s best interest to have scholarship packets in by Feb. 27,” Brown said.

For those mailing in their packets, Brown warns that the packets must be received by Feb. 27, not postmarked by Feb. 27.

The foundation scholarships are privately funded scholarships, therefore separating them from any other scholarships awarded at Tech.

“There is at least one scholarship for every major on campus and every class standing,” Brown said.

Ibette Alcocer, junior middle level education major from Danville, and Ashane Stringer-McBride, freshman business marketing and management major from Pine Bluff, can attest to this.

“I am so thankful for the scholarships I received,” Alcocer said. “They have helped me greatly by not having to worry financially and focus on my education.”

McBride said she is now also at peace because of the financial aid she received.

SIERRA MURPHY/THE ARKA TECH: Ibette Alcocer is a recipient of a foundation scholarship.
SIERRA MURPHY/THE ARKA TECH: Ibette Alcocer is a recipient of a foundation scholarship.

“I couldn’t go to college with the financial struggle my family was going through,” McBride said. “With this scholarship, it was possible for me to come to college.”

Alcocer received the J.L. and Cora Adkins Scholarship and McBride received the Disabled American Veterans Simpson Turner Chapter 27 Scholarship.

Brown wanted to remind students that an outstanding record and a 4.0 GPA is not a requirement for all foundation scholarships. Brown also wanted to correct the assumption if one has an academic scholarship, he can’t apply for foundation scholarships.

“The point of a foundation scholarship it to help out with extra costs,” Brown said. “We realize costs are high, and sometimes you need to bridge the gap.”

Students can print applications by visiting, selecting the “Apply for Scholarships” tab, and submitting the completed scholarship packet to Brown by Feb. 28.

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