DDI Multicultural Stole Ceremony

The Department of Diversity and Inclusion held their Multicultural Stole Ceremony on Dec.1 in the Doc Bryan Lecture Hall. The ceremony was held to “recognize and celebrate the academic achievements of graduating students” while the graduates paid “tribute to family, friends, faculty, staff and others” who helped them graduate.

Fabiana Monte, graduate assistant for the DDI, gave the welcoming speech and was instrumental in setting up this event. Dr. Tannille Lasker-Scott, assistant professor of professional studies, conducted the greeting and introduction of each recipient. Yasushi Onodera, director of the office of International and Multicultural Student Services, provided words of encouragement where he shared the words of his grandfather.

“You may lose what you own but nobody can take away what you have in here [points to head],” Onodera said.

Thirteen graduates were honored with a stole and they in turn honored those that helped them succeed. The honorees include: Kayla Green, Suliana Scarborough, LiMarcus Palmer, Chaquavia Newman, Titus Mills, Grishma Khatri, Bohdana Sardak, Zita Loredo, Constante Smith, Ana Angeles Arredondo, Joseph Jackson, Jayce Hamilton, and Tyeshia Harris.

“I would like to dedication this flower to my aunt Vivian Williams,” Jackson said to his honoree. “You pushed me the entire time I was in school. I had a hard time when my mom passed away and I want to say thank you so much for being there.”

According to the DDI the stole “is a symbol of academic achievement or honors” that “dates back as far as the Middle Ages.”