Daily Bread Café offers great prime rib

Photo by Bruce Thomas

Giant cinnamon rolls, cheesy goulash and yummy salad


Daily Bread Café is locat­ed in the Old Mall, right be­hind Quiznos, which means the restaurant makes good use of the many chairs and tables in that little hallway.

The first thing I noticed about the café is that there were quite a few people there for 1 p.m. on a Thursday. The second thing I noticed was the décor. I’m a Hob­by Lobby freak (seriously I could spend hours in that store) and I recognized a lot of their quotes and art pieces from there. The good vibes began to flow.

Vibing continued up to the pretty chalkboard menu to the counter where I or­dered the special for that day: cheesy goulash with two sides and a roll. I got mac and cheese (again, overload­ing on the carbs) and a side salad so I could pretend I was being healthy. I imme­diately ruined all my healthy dreams when I ordered one of their gigantic cinnamon rolls. Totally worth it.

I got my drink and grabbed a seat. I probably waited five minutes before the food came out and let me tell you, it was a lot of food.

Photo By Amber Appleby

So goulash, for those un­familiar, is basically a bunch of stuff thrown in a pot and typically served with a starch. This goulash consisted of Rotel, ground beef, copious amounts of cheese, corn and pasta. All of which was served on a bed of rice. I’d never had goulash before, but if it all tastes like this, I will eat it every time I get the chance.

The goulash was so cheesy and perfectly sea­soned. The beef was in nice sized chunks so it stood up to the rest of the flavors, which I really appreciated be­cause I am a total meat lover.

The mac and cheese was OK. It wasn’t Kraft but it was gourmet either.

The salad was nice and fresh. It came with a mush­room and cucumber slice and some red onion. All of veggies that I love so I was pretty excited about it. The lettuce itself was a spring mix, which I don’t usually love, but I enjoyed this.

Now, the cinnamon roll. It was huge, first of all. It was also covered in icing. I normally am not a fan of too much icing – it’s too sweet for me – but I felt like there was a good balance between the amount of icing and the amount of cinnamon on the roll.

That said, there was a lot of just raw cinnamon dusted on the cinnamon roll. I’m not sure if you’ve ever eaten just raw cinnamon (yes, I’ve heard about the cinnamon challenge; don’t @ me) but it isn’t very appetizing. In fact, it tends to coat and dry out your entire mouth. I did not love that.

Overall though, I thor­oughly enjoyed Daily Bread Café. They have daily lunch special, which is what I got, that are $8.99 for an entrée and two sides. Not a bad deal at all, and it’s well worth it for the amount of food you get.


Cafe offers great prime rib


When you walk into the Russellville shop­ping center, one of the first things you’ll no­tice is a large collection of chairs and tables. Now, if you go around lunchtime, most of these chairs and tables will be filled.

On this day, I went to eat a little after lunch, so it had slowed down some.

I ordered a prime rib sandwich with a side bag of chips. Their prime rib sandwich comes with a homemade au jus sauce. Being a fan of au jus, I was very excited to try it.

After getting my drink, I went to sit down in one of the empty tables. After about five minutes, a waitress came out with the food. She also informed me that they includ­ed some of their homemade horseradish dip.

Photo By Bruce Thomas

Let’s start with the sandwich. This sand­wich had prime rib (obviously), onion and I think some peppers. I’m not 100 percent sure because the best part, that part that I’m literally thinking about while I write this, is the meat.

The meat was served in larger chunks, al­most as if my sandwich didn’t have prime rib but sirloin tips. It was amazing. It was juicy and well cooked. It housed all the flavor you would want from a prime rib sandwich.

What made it even better though was the horseradish.

Now, I like horseradish, but I don’t just love it. Normally, I would put on a small dab and then eat my sandwich the way it came. Not this time. That was one of the most amazing dips I have ever had. I think I end­ed up pouring the little container straight onto my sandwich for easier consumption. It made the sandwich that much better.

The au jus was an amazing addition to the

dish as well. Most beef au jus is made us­ing the liquid from the beef, flour and ex­tra beef broth. A pretty simple sauce. Dai­ly Bread Café throws in a little Worchester sauce, which adds more flavor and makes it an amazing dip.

I ordered the prime rib sandwich, a side bag of chips and a soft drink for about $15.00.

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