Clearing up confusion: how to avoid and appeal parking tickets


The Traffic and Parking Committee tries to keep objectivity and consistency a top priority when deciding the outcome of a citation appeal filed, said Will Cooper, assistant dean for student conduct at Arkansas Tech.

Students, faculty and staff members can file an appeal without being present. The ticket appeal process can be accessed fully online through OneTech. Individuals can file an appeal by going to the link where hangtags are purchased.

Once the appeal has been filed, the wait time for a verdict is about a week, said Cooper.

Once the ticket has been reviewed by the committee, the outcome can be viewed by going back to where the appeal was originally filed on OneTech.
The Traffic and Parking Committee is made up of 2 Student Government Association volunteers, 2 Residence Hall Association volunteers, 1 public safety officer and Will Cooper. The public safety officer is strictly there for questions regarding the parking lot; they do not serve as a voting member.

“I think students are very important to have on the board. We see situations in the eyes of the students and not the faculty or public safety. We understand why students may do certain things and can reason an informed decision,” said Matthew Smith, sophomore agriculture business and pre-law major from Hermitage, in an email sent on Friday.

Smith sat on the Traffic and Parking Committee during the 2016 fall semester.

Students, faculty and staff have the opportunity to file an appeal for any citation that they receive. The individual has 3 days after being cited to appeal the citation.

Many appeals appear to be a misunderstanding of why the citation was issued, said Cooper. “I think sometimes students don’t understand they’re not getting a ticket for not having a current permit, they’re getting one for not having the permit displayed,” said Cooper.

According to Cooper, here are some tips to avoid parking citations:
•Pay close attention to the parking signs.
•Make sure that your hangtag is visibly displayed.
•Make yourself aware of the parking regulations.

“I would say the most common parking violations are the parking after 5 p.m.,” said Smith. Many students believe that after 5 p.m. it is open parking, said Smith, but open parking is only for red and yellow spots.

Students also try to park in the visitor section and just remove their hangtag, said Smith, but this can actually result in two tickets.

The Traffic and Parking Committee meets every Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. Further into the semester, as appeals slow down, the committee will only meet every other week, said Cooper.